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Life // Personal Health Update 

So I’m currently on my second stint in hospital. A chest infection and sore throat quickly escalated into quinsy (I know, what’s that?!), a rare form of tonsilitis and now an abscess. Lovely start to 2016 hey?

It all began last Monday with the pain growing rapidly. I can’t complain about the hospital staff as they’ve been fantastic. But it gets quite lonely / boring being lay in your small single bed all day.

I’m hoping I’ll be home tomorrow where I can rest, recover and catch up on CBB which I’m gutted I’m missing.

We always take our health for granted. Eating and drinking as we please, getting run down without stopping for a break. Right now I’m ready to get back to normal and get life underway again.

So whilst I’m lay here with little to do yet refresh Twitter & Instagram, reading about January diets my plan is the opposite. Yes, care for my body and look after it as it’s been through the mill this last week but I can’t wait to get back to cooking lovely meals, using up the fresh ingredients sat in my fridge at home, make some way through the block of Stilton that’s waiting for me.

Illness and poor health teach you that you need to look after number one. If somethings not right, get it checked out. Hopefully the next time I blog I’ll be at home, on the mend and back to my blogging best.

But until then you get an old school diary style post from Wigan Infirmary as I patiently let the meds kick in and do their thing!

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