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Food // The best places to buy fresh food

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve recently moved house and I’m still discovering my new stomping ground. And one thing is rather important – where I do my food shop!

I love a weekly trip to the supermarket. Deciding what meals to plan that week, picking up the ingredients I’ll need. I love to make fresh meals from scratch, packed with veggies.

As I’ve said before, Aldi is my favourite supermarket, as it’s cheap yet the food is fresh and the veg lasts. But I discovered a Booths has opened a mere 5 minutes from my house, so on Bank Holiday Monday I paid a visit.

Booths is the holy grail of ‘nice’ supermarket. Fresh, homegrown fruit and delicious cuts of meats and cheese. Booths supermarkets can only be found up North, but if you’re ever passing one, it’s worth a visit.


I picked up a couple of slabs of cheese whilst I was in – a delicious mango and ginger stilton and a cut of cranberry wensleydale. All washed down with a couple of peach beers. The perfect Bank Hol treat from Booths!

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