Food // My Favourite Recipe Books 

Cook books are my guilty pleasure. I love reading them, looking at the beautiful photos, deciding what to cook. I mean that’s probably why I write a food and lifestyle blog!

These are the top 3 books on my bedside table at the minute –

  • Not that kinda girl by Lena Dunham. I’m a massive GIRLS fan so when this got released last year, I snapped it up.
  • Thug Kitchen. Vegan recipes packed with sass. Delicious veggies without any extra shit added. Their words not mine. Expect a couple of their recipes to pop up around these parts soon…
  • Get the glow by Madeline Shaw. Renowned food blogger and nutritionist. Her recipes contain zero sugar but damn they taste good. I dabble with recipes from here but I love the images. So #inspo.

I think this might become a regular feature around here. What do you think?

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