Pescatarian Food Diary – Week 2

So, here we are week 2 following a pescetarian diet. Again, I haven’t found it that hard. I’ve eaten out a couple of times and prepared a range of home-cooked meals.


I’m finding that my diet consists of cereal for breakfasts, mainly apricot filled shredded wheat. I have an early rise throughout the week and I really look forward to my #deskfast on my commute so I need a big breakfast to fill me up. Milk is free at my work but I’m thinking about taking in my own almond milk to make my breakfasts a little healthier.


During the week lunch is from the salad bar at work. There’s a great choice of salad leaves, cold veggie pasta and rice dishes. I find a small box fills me up till my evening meal.


Or tea as I normally call it! The montage of my meals over the past week are mostly my evening meals. The week started with a homemade quiche. I went out for tea with the girls from work last Wednesday and opted for the haddock and chips. I also cooked with quorn for the first time this week, making a chilli inside a wrap with avocado and cheese.

Then the weekend arrived. I was really craving a curry, so after a quick trip to Aldi I rustled up  an aubergine, sweet potato and squash curry. I blogged the recipe here. Whilst I was in Aldi I picked up one of their goats cheese and caraamelised onion tarts. So indulgent, yet delicious. And it tasted great with salad.

So, that was #week2! I’m now half-way through my #pescetarian4weeks challenge. Come back next Tuesday for my third installment!

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