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Mini Beauty Haul 

I’ve never really done a round-up of the beauty items I’ve bought the previous month or any kind of haul posts, but I thought I’d share these on here.

This month, same as every month really, I’ve been loving the Body Shop tea tree toner. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean after I’ve removed my make up with my mercillar water and gets rid of last bits of foundation or lipstick.

Eyebrow pencils. I never really stick to a favourite and I’m forever on the hunt so when I saw this one by MUA I thought I’d try it! It has a highlighter at one end and the pencil at the other so you can really add definition if that’s the look you want.

Hand sanitizer. I love this stuff. I go through so many bottles so when I saw loads of different scents in Primark I had to pick a couple up. They’re just so easy to throw in your bag when you’re out and about!

And whilst I was in Primark it would have been rude not to get a new candle. This one is the blackcurrent and forest plum scent – perfect for cosy autumn nights in.

There we have it, short but sweet! I think I might doing regular haul posts. What do you think?


  1. Love this post. I am obsessed with hand sanitisers I never knew Primark did them, I’ll have to check that out! xx

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