A week in Instagram posts 

  1. This week I blogged about my favourite new blue nail varnishes 
  2. I upped my stationary game and joined the pineapple craze with a cute blogger mail parcel arrived from Minted
  3. I headed back into the kitchen and made a yummy batch of veggie chilli with a hearty side of avocado on the side. Cos I mean, why wouldn’t you?
  4. Oh, those lace up Missguided sandals came back in stock. You know the ones… And now they’re mine!
  5. A Friday night selfie during a meal and lots (I mean lots) of drinks with the girls
  6. And a quick snapshot from Saturday’s date night meal. Seriously amazing. And the reason I’m considering going for a run….

I might make this a weekly post so stay tuned for more Sunday updates!

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