Deeper shade of blue 

 Blue nail varnish used to be a staple in my collection but as I got older I swayed towards reds, pink and nudes leaving the bolder pastels behind. 
But after the latest My Little Box beauty box arrived, blues are back and one of my firm favourites. 

The deeper blue arrived in the beauty box and I just love it’s vibrancy. Perfect for summer days. 

And while I was doing my version of Supermarket Sweep in Boots last weekend I spied this soft eggshell blue beauty from Barry M. 

Back when I was at uni, some 5 years ago I think I had the entire Barry M nail varnish collection. And I can confirm this pot on wonder is just as good as I remember. Easy to apply and has seriously impressive lasting power. 

What nail varnish brands are you loving? 

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  2. daneyella says:

    How is the subscription service? I was considering trying it out? Love a good shade of blue!

  3. I love blue nail varnish. my favourite is a dark blue metalic one by OPI

  4. What’s my little beauty box? I get birch box still but I’m a little disappointed with their offerings recently and looking for a new supplier

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