A couple of Sundays ago I pulled on my running trainers, attached my number to my chest, grabbed my bum bag and gave the 5k Race for Life a go. 


After 6 weeks of steady training, I think I might have just managed to transform myself from a complete non-runner to someone who can jog for around 3k. A small feat to some but huge for me. 

Running is such a great form of exercise as it’s free, there’s no competition and you can go at your own pace. 

Once I commited to the Race for Life I knew I had to give it a serious go. Before I started, I did zero exercise. Like none. 

So to complete the race on the day in 43 minutes 45 seconds is something I’m seriously proud of! 

The atmosphere on the day was amazing and as it was for such an amazing cause, I’m so glad  I took part. I’m trying to keep at it and I can’t wait to take part again next year!