Kiehl’s skincare: A first look


Last week I blogged about THE PRESS TENT BLOGGER EVENT Press Tent blogger event which I was lucky enough to attend. At the end of the evening, we were gifted with a rather lovely bag to take home and I was very excited to discover it contained a couple of Kiehl’s skincare samples.

Kiehl’s is one of those elusive brands that I ooohh and ahhhh over in the Selfridges beauty hall but I’ve never quite taken the next step to purchase. 

So when I saw these little treats I was quite excited. First up was the line reducing serum which is really light and smelt lovely. 

Next I tried ultra facial moisturiser. This is the one I was ohhh’ing over earlier. I know right. It feels so soft and is just what I want when I’ve had a face full of make up all day. I have quite oily/combination skin and this didn’t irritate it at all, which sometimes can be the case.

I’m already considering putting a dent into my pay day bank balance. 

And lastly was a little sumin sumin for the boy. The facial fuel for men was very well received. Again there were lots of oooh’s when this was applied. It had a lovely scent, which I quote “wasn’t too girly”. And he even wants it adding to his presents for the boyfriend list. 

So all in all, Kiehl’s was a success! 

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