Real Techniques brushes dupes


Over the Bank Holiday weekend I decided it was high time to invest in a new set of make-up brushes so I took to eBay. 

eBay is a goldmine of beauty hacks at a fraction of the price. So when I decided to search for new brushes there was a ream to choose from. 

Generally Real Techniques are the mother of amazing brushes but I’m trying not to spend too much and these were a fantastic alternative.

I got an eBay professional kabuki brush set pack of 10 for just £3.95 with free delivery. There are in a kabuki brush style so it’s really easy to apply foundation, highlighter and blend my eyeshadow. 

For the last couple of months  I’ve had gel nails but I’ve decided to have a break and these two Essie and Barry M polishes are my favourite! 

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4 Replies to “Real Techniques brushes dupes”

  1. I never use eBay… maybe I should try it out. My favourite brushes at the moment are from The Body Shop, they’re so soft. I did try real Techniques last year but I found the foundation brush to be a bit scratchy for me!

  2. I would honestly be careful with Ebay, Often items cheaper comes from China and has nothing to do with original item. They fur of killed animals! Always check the seller! :(( I need to try these brushes they sound great, but definitely I’ll go boots;p

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