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How are we in May already? The year is flying away, but I can’t complain as my favourite month of the year is underway. May brings my 27th birthday, a week of work, Foo Fighters and a surprise day out!

But, before I continue to get carried away, one must always look her best on special occasions and that’s why today’s focus is firmly on skincare.

This is a topic I’ve talked about again and again, but as another year is about to tick by, investing in my face is at the top of the agenda!

I still swear by mecillar water, with Bioderma being my absolute favourite. I use it every night to take off my make-up, sometimes double cleansing if I’ve worn a heavy layer of foundation, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Next up is my new holy grail product – tea tree skin clearing toner from The Body Shop. It strips away any lasting patches of make up and just leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh.

For the last few months I have tried out the Simple moisturiser. I didn’t want anything too heavy, having used a Bioderma product I picked up last September in Paris till it sadly ran out. So I give this a whirl. And I’ve got to say, that I’m impressed. It feels really gentle on the skin and break-outs have been minimal.

And that leads us onto my final face saviour. Sudocreme. Yep, the nappy rash cream is my secret weapon. Despite fast approaching 27, I still have the skin of a teenager. Yep, it means wrinkles are a long way off, but who wants to still be suffering from spots?! So to combat unwanted zits, I smoother my t-zone in sudocreme each night! And it works a treat!

My micellar water and moisturiser are fast running out so I think a Boots trip is on the cards. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

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  1. beverbeee says:

    I like this post! i love seeing what other people use for skincare!

  2. I use that moisturiser, used it for the past year or so! Perfect for me. 🙂

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