About a month ago I decided it’s the time to start looking after myself and that meant one thing – exercise. At the start of the year I overhauled my diet so upping my fitness levels was the next issue to tackle.

Now I’m not a runner. At all. Despite for the bus or occasionally, the last time I ran was at school. Over 10 years ago.

So on Easter Monday I pulled on a pair of old gym leggings, invested in new running shoes, from Aldi no less and fully commited to the Cancer Research UK race for life.

Il be taking part on the 14th June. 

Cancer Research is such a worthy cause, affecting many of us at one time or another and I’m so excited to be involved.

It’s a 5k and I’ve set myself a personal goal to beat. Training has been going well, running around twice a week so far and I’ve banked a couple of 2k run/jogs and a 3k once.

As I want to keep it up after the race, I decided to blog my progress. So stay tuned for more posts between now and June on my running journey!