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The latest must-have scents

When it comes to my favourite ladies perfumes, I tend to chop and change between high-end and celebrity fragrances. Normally I don’t really choose my perfume, having received the majority of my bottles as gifts from my boyfriend and Mum. So, as I haven’t had a say in the scent, I hint (quite heavily!) towards floral, honey toned perfumes, rather than musk-smells.

So when the Library of Fragrance got in touch to see if I would like to review the Baby Powder and Thunderstorm handbag-sized fragrances I jumped at the chance. I’m forever thinking I should pop smaller bottles of perfume in my bag to use at work.

The Library of Fragrance handbag-sized perfumes

I have a spritz before I leave the house at half 7 each morning, but then that’s it for the day. So, these two smaller bottles are perfect to use on the go and I can reach for them after lunch for a quick top-up!

The Library of Fragrance perfume samples

Both smell so realistic. Baby powder is quite light and sweet, whilst Thunderstorm is fresh – it reminds me a huge rain storm when you’re abroad. When you can smell the rain and it just clears the air? Delicious!

They are both perfect for everyday and I can’t wait for a spritz at my desk, whilst it’s lovely and sunny outside!

What are your favourite scents? I’m forever on the look-out for new perfumes to try!

*This is a sponsored post.


    • They’re lovely Alex. You can buy them in Boots too – I’m defo gonna stock up! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Ruth x

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