Easy peasy breakfast ideas


Last Wednesday I took the plunge and joined my local Slimming World group. A couple of friends of mine have joined over the last six months and I thought I would give it a go.

In terms of my weight I would like to lose half a stone ideally, nothing too drastic. But, I want to find healthy alternatives to many of my favourite meals and redefine my eating habits. Currently I’m about a week in, having followed the free 7 day plan on the website from last Sunday.

I’m really enjoying incorporating more fruit and veg into my daily routine and breakfast is fast becoming my favourite meal of the day.


The plan is simple to follow and I have been enjoying Weetabix minis which are classed as one of my two Healthy Extra options. Topped with blueberry and cranberry linseed and fresh blueberries, it does keep me full till lunch. I enjoy it with a 20g helping of semi-skimmed milk, my second Healthy Extra.

I buy all my ingredients from Lidl and Aldi, keeping costs low and my tummy happy for longer!


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