Wonderful winter salads

Salad, more often than not is deemed a summer dish. Great to be eaten in the sunshine, when it’s hot outside and it can be topped with a multitude of yummy meats, fish and cheeses. However, how many of us tend to dig into a big ol’ bowl of leaves,peppers and cherry toms post-September and particularly this close to Christmas? …Yeah, not many of us.

Florette salad

But, in a bid to try and conquer the post-Christmas slump and party season bulge I have taken to mixing up my lunches with an array of coleslaws, pots of potato salad and lettice!

I opted to grab a bag of Florette Salad on my last visit to the supermarket and it didn’t disappoint. Crisp and packed with flavour, its the perfect accompaniment to my lunch. I also noticed they do kale too so I plan to pick up a bag on my next trip so I can work it into my evening meals too!

Once I had compiled my ingredients I consulted my copy of the ‘a salad for all seasons’ recipe book that has been tucked away on my bookshelf. Written by Harry Eastwood, it has a great variety of hot and cold salads to choose from.

Florette salad

Salads to eat in winter

Feta cheese salad

I decided to top mine with feta cheese, one of my absolute favourites and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Easy peasy. The book has a great selection of salad recipes, dressings, marinades and desserts too so it’s worth a look at if you wish to expand your horizons!

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  1. andreadiets says:

    I found that eating salads in winter actually helps me keep my weight in check, especially during the holidays. Great post!- andreadiets (https://eatingtherightfood.wordpress.com/)

  2. […] blogged about my Salads for all Seasons cookery book last year but now the sun is finally making an appearance, it’s high time I got it back out […]

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