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Recipe // Easy Peasy Guacamole

Continuing my newly found enjoyment for cooking, earlier this week I decided to make fajitas for inner as it’s fast, easy and just so yummy. I picked up some Quorn spiced fajita strips in Tesco from the whoops aisle and thought I would rustle up a simple tea after a day at work.

I lightly fried them in my amazing new coconut oil from The Groovy Food Company -another Tesco find, with onions and peppers.

The Groovy Food Company

Quorn Fajita Strips

And, this was when I discovered a lonely avocado in the fridge so I decided to whip up a bowl of guacamole to accompany!

Chopped avocado

It’s the easiest recipe to make – I simply diced the avocado, chopped a tomato and mushed both together in a bowl with a fork.

Add a touch of salt and pepper and a dab of lemon juice, if you have any to hand and there you have it!

Homemade guacamole

homemade guacamole recipe

I added it to the top of my fajitas with a smidge of grated cheese and I had a yummy dinner in under 30 mins!

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