My make-up collection

My make-up collection

When it comes to keeping my bedroom tidy, I fall down massively. The phrase floordrobe sums me up massively. Clothes, jewellery and shoes are high in numbers and storage space is low, but last weekend enough was enough. A stern talking-to from the boy lead to a bedroom overhaul.

I think I might post a bedroom guide soon so I have a purpose to keep it tidy, ┬ábut today’s post focuses on my make up dresser. Following my theme of being a hoarder, I overhauled my make up collection and seriously downsized.

My make up dresser
My make up dresses

In the past I have been guilty of keeping samples from magazines, mountains of glossy boxes, old foundations and mascaras and enough lipsticks to change colour twice daily for a week. Following my new found inner-domestic goddess, I have reduced my make up dramatically, keeping only the necessities.

Foundation, concealer, lip glosses, primer, powder, eye shadows, brow kit, brushes and toiletries made the cut.

Foundations and primer collection
Foundations and primer collection

Lip glosses make up

Make up storage

Brand wise, I’m pretty loyal to drugstore make up as opposed to bigger brands. Max Factor, MUA, Collection 2000 and Essence all make an appearance.

I’m loving the Essence get big lashes volume boost mascara and it was only a couple of quid from Wilkinson’s – bargain. I’m really into the Max Factor face finity 3 in 1 foundation and MUA cover and conceal concealer. They don’t cost the earth and are great for every day or to last on a night out.

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