Just a little Sephora haul…

A month may have passed since my trip to Paris, but I thought I would be doing a dis-service to the blogging, and beauty community in particular, if I didn’t partake in a blogger tradition and mention my trip to Sephora.

How we don’t have a Sephora in the UK yet is beyond me, however it would have been rude not to take a look…and make a few purchases along the way!

Sephora haul

First up is the own-branded primer. I first tried this earlier in the year when my friend Caro brought me a tube as a present from her holiday to the States. It’s really easy to apply, you really don’t need to use that much and it works well in keeping your foundation and eye make-up in place.

Then I decided to take a look at the lipsticks and the Sephora jumbo pencil in raspberry caught me eye. It can be used on lips and cheeks and is a lovely rich colour, perfect for day or night. It’s  not to heavy and doesn’t leave any unwanted stickiness – perfect!

So, I decided I didn’t need to go mad and made my way to the till…..where I saw the cute stripe print compact. It has a pink blush, eye shadows, highlighter and lipgloss. It’s a really cute size and perfect to throw in my bag just in case!

Sephora haul

Then to round of the weekend we made multiple visits to french pharmacies in search of Bioderma products at lovely cheap prices and its on one of our trips, I stumbled across this moisturiser. Taken from the green range, which I’m guessing as all the packaging is in french, is for oily/problem skin. Designed to tackle acne-prone skin, I’ve used it nightly following my mercier water and I’m a convert. It has kept spots at bay and my skin feels a lot better. Just hoping I can find it in the UK somehow…


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