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How is it September tomorrow already? The year seems to have flown by in a blur of holidays, sunshine, rain, festivals and…. food. Yup, my 2014 has sp far been ruled by my stomach. Gourmet festival grub, discovering new restaurants and cafes and revisiting old favourites.

However the start of the new month brings the start of the new term and to many, it signals the start of a new year. However since being in full-time employment for the past for years, this seems to pass me by.

But, no more. From tomorrow, I shall adopt the notion of the new year and apply it to my daily routine. Last month I started a new job in Manchester city centre and now day is spent communting to and from work and this has disrupted my routine.

Having my alarm shout at me each morning to drag my sleep self outta bed means my mealtimes have taken to change too and little changes have become mandatory to keep hunger pangs at bay!

I’ve become one of those oddities who eats their breakfast at their desk. Yup starting work at 8am means breakfast is a bowl of cereal but with almond milk instead of cows milk. Whether you opt for sweetened or unsweetened, its a great change and tastes the same minus the fattening qualities of regular calcium!

I’m quite lucky as my new office has a delivery of free fruit so I often grab a bannana to eat with my cereal or a mid-morning snack and helps contribute towards my five a day – winner!

Now I am one of those people who likes to snack. But to save me reaching for the chocolate at the 2pm lul, I keep a box of ryvitta on my desk and buy a tub of hummus at the start of each week to each with my lunch or later on during the day. A great treat that feels naughty but isn’t really, perfect!

And finally, supplements and prebiotics are great to keep you healthy and your body happy on the go. Vitamins are essential to your diet and supplements are the perfect way to ensure you are getting all the goodness you need.

Bimuno prebiotics is a range of prebiotics that help maintain digestive balance and are so easy to keep in your bag and take daily. Designed to feed your good bacteria, the brand is the simplest and most effective way to get your daily allowance of goodness in
a quick and easy fix!

I’ve recently invested in the immunaaid pastels for an immune system boost as they have just become part of my daily routine. They come in a pastel format, which is essentially like a healthy sweet and take twice day after breakfast to help support my body as I want to try and keep nasty germs and bugs away. Anyone who commutes will appreciate the woes of coughs and colds that feel far too close for comfort!

If you have any handy healthy tips, please drop a comment below, all feedback is welcome!

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