London Calling

Sometimes its nice to mix things up a little by spending the day in a new place and exploring and yesterday was one of those kinda days. The girls I lived and spent most of my time with at uni hadn’t seen each other, as the four of us, since February and with one of the girls heading of to Japan in two weeks, we knew a catch up was long over due. Living in different parts of the country, I suggested a day in London. Despite the train journey from up North, I love spending time in the Capital as its still such an exciting place to visit with so much to see and do.

With time being of the essence, after a lovely catch up in the pub, obvs, we headed to Camden. I’ve never been to Camden, but always wanted to go to the see the infamous Camden Locks sign and the markets. It is such a lively place and didn’t disappoint. I took advantage of my day out and unashamedly acted like a tourist for the day with my camera in hand.







We  had lots to squeeze into the short time we had, so we had a scout around Camden markets and stocked up on yummy churros and doughnuts, then jumped on the tube to Covent Garden for something to eat at Fire and Stone. Hidden down one of the back streets, Fire and Stone serves delicious traditional pizzas but with a variety of toppings from around the globe. So good and much needed after a few hours of walking! Once we had filled our bellies, we jumped back on the tube and headed over to Oxford Street for a quick browse, but before knew it, it was time to get the train home. So, that’s Camden ticked off the ‘to do’ list, and until next time London……

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