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Primark A/W Edit

Today truly feels like the transition of the seasons. My weekend has been so chilled which has made the two days feel so much longer. Yesterday was a chilled Saturday and then Chinese takeway, X Factor and a couple of amaretto and cokes with the bestie after an afternoon spent with my favourite 18 month old.  Today the weather changed and the rain came, so a shopping trip in Manchester was spent battling with the elements! However that didn’t stop me shopping and early doors this morning we took Primark by storm. I haven’t really shopped in Primark for a long time as I know the quality tends to put most people off and it is so hit and miss, but the store on Market Street has had a major make over and a lot of A/W newness is sneaking in which is perfect! Lots of tartan checks, leather luxe and my new fave- burgundy shades.

*Images taken from Google

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