Smart Shopping: Ebay Picks

I always refer to myself a ‘weekend millionare’ as I’m that friend who on a night out tends to go a little cray cray with the ole bank card splashing out on drinks and treating my friends. However lately I’ve found this also applies to my shopping habits. Over the ¬†past 18 months I’ve really taken to online shopping and boy, it is dangerous! It is so easy to click add to basket, enter a couple of numbers and 5-7 days later, Mum comes home from work (this is where everything get delivered to when we’re all out at work) with yet ANOTHER package that sometimes I don’t remember buying- yup that has happened! My bad! So, in a bid to curb my shopping habits, (but not all together, that’s just silly!) I am trying to shop a little smarter and more importantly, cheaper. And thats where Ebay comes into the equation.

I know in the blogging world, Ebay is raved about and my friend Natalie is a complete convert, but its taken me a while to get on board. My latest addition to my ‘Need’ list is a lunch bag for work. Quite boring but as I take my breakfast and lunch to work, including cutlery, bowls, sandwich boxes ect, cramming everything into my bag is a struggle and a carrier bag just doesn’t look the coolest does it? I know what kind of lunch bag I want but finding one in supermarkets and cheap pound shops have failed me so far, so I turned to Ebay. Luckily the site came up trumps.

I love all of the bags above, shame I only need to pick one! Think Ebay could spell trouble!

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