Summertime Dreaming

With the heatwave reaching its peak this week and it being so hot whilst we’ve been at work I was definitely ready for a lazy Saturday spent chilling in the garden and re-reading this week’s magazines and soaking up the sun. Seems Mr Weatherman had a different idea with clouds appearing and keeping the sunshine away, boo. However a lazy day is still under-way and when I don’t really have a  plan- I online shop. Well, today I’m browsing. Payday is still 6 days away and I’m off to a Vintage Festival tomorrow which I’m sure I’ll blog about next week so this is merely my dream wishlist if I happened to get rich and quick. A girl can dream right?

Daisy dresses are a huge hit at the minute and having invested in the red Primark daisy dress last year, I’m loving the black prints that seem to be dominating the high street lately! This little beauty from Asos has been a favourite within my saved items for a while!

Micheal Kors handbags are simply gorgeous. This coral/pink version is perfect for summer and I don’t think they are THAT expensive either. I think when the end of season sales start I will be raiding the piggy bank to count up my pennies for one of these bad boys. So much cheaper than a Mulberry too!

However totally contradicting myself is how I’m rolling today and in one sense I’m so bored of the sales now they have been on for a while and find myself lusting after newness once again. River Island has become my go-to lately and I love this red animal print maxi skirt. The gold is very Xmas’y but I would totes wear it with sandals and a vest top during summer! Maybe this will be bought sooner that I thought!

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  1. I love Michael Kors bags! Definitely on my wishlist
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me on Twitter xx

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