Well, Glastonbury is a mere 2 weeks away and I am currently obsessed with the weather. The Met Office is currently my most visited website and I am praying each evening to God/Allah and Queen B for sunshine. All the magazines feature what to wear lists and which looks you should rock, however with rain potentially on the horizon, I need a fashion fix that can stand the test of time. And mud. And rain. Enter tie-dye.

With a nod to the 70’s when you look back on Glastonbury pictures from times gone by, fashion took a back seat and it was all about the music. This is still the case, however looking good is still an essential seeing as all the pics from the weekend will be available for all and sundry to see on Facebook/Twitter, probably even here on my blog. That’s why this year I plan on attempting to channel the tie-dye trend. Its effortless, slightly vintage and easy to throw on. If you are planning on DIY tie-dye, men’s oversize tees are the way to go for the cool Kate Moss inspired slouch look. However I’m slightly ceebs on that one so online shopping it is!

Somedays Lovin Smock Dress In Mystics Tie Dye

Image 1 of ASOS Boyfriend Shirt In Cosmic Tie Dye Print


  1.  Asos £65
  2.  Asos £36
  3.  Rihanna atR iver Island £80
  4.  River Island £28