Get your passport, and bikini, need a holiday, come see me

Monday 6th May.The first bank holiday of the month and a free pass for a day off work. And luckily for us, the first real signs of summer we have seen so far this year. I am somewhat of a weather freak. I like to know when the sun is going to shine and when it is going to rain. Looking back of how blessed we were with the weather last year, I have become a little obsessed. BBC Weather is my jam and with it reporting both the highs and lows, I might as well switch careers and become a weather-woman. But what has any of this got to do with today I hear your cry?

Well back to the fact that its Monday. Sunday blues were banished yesterday evening and my bedroom was an alarm-free zone this morning. Turns out BBC wre on the money weather-wise- I write this post whilst sitting in my back garden, chair slightly reclined to offer comfort, yet fully-supporting my laptop resting on my stomach. Sunnies on and I have dared to bare. In shorts I mighten add, lets not get carried away.

Everyone just seems a lot more chilled during bank holidays and the sun is just an added bonus. we spend all year round waiting for our holidays and time off work to roll on round, buying clothes only suitable to be worn when we are minus wind and rain, so it is just lovely to have the option of saying to ones self’what DO I want to weaar today?!’

Today my mumma and I partook in a british past-time, with the weather being so nice and all, and took a trip to Bents garden centre. Bents has been running for many years, but it seems it is no longer just a simple garden centre. With homeware, a falconry/eagle centre, state of the art cafe, kids play area, clothes, including Joules where I picked up this years Glastonbury/V Fest wellies, hot tubs (to buy, not try!). Oh and plants.

With the announcements of Radio 1’s Big Weekend this morning and the weather being just so perfect, I thought it was time to buy my wellies. I wanted a pair with durability and that I hope won’t split. Over the years I havent had much luck with wellies, so decided to try Joules. Cute prints with a sturdy grip and comfy fit- just what I need for all the mud. I remember at Glastonbury 2011, I swear my 2 friends and I were the only people that fell over. Each of us one by one getting stuck in the mud and passer-byers having to pull us out. Trust me that aint the one. So, not quite having the budget for Hunters I’ve gone Joules. Navy blue with a floral print.

Alls I need now is a hat- I’m thinking a straw one with a navy band, circa summer ’10. God, I loved that hat. After getting my wear out of it at Glastonbury and then again on my jollies I left it in our apartment in Zante. Memories.

So, back to today. My bank holiday weekend has been good, and we’ve establlished a little sun makes everything better. Now with a chicken salad beconing for my tea and the June issue of Glamour to be read, I think its time I got back to attempting to get alittle colour in my life and shift the milk-bottle look. Cos, that just aint good for anyone now is it?

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