Ruth’s Recipes: Cheese and Leek Muffins

Hello, so I’ve touched on food and recipes in the past, but I’ve decided to give food blogging a go- hence the new cheesy post title!

I’ve never really been one for baking but the company I work for does a lot of work for the NSPCC and I am the volunteered Charity Rep for our department, so when a Great British Bake Off-style competition was announced, I decided to give baking a go. With 4 categories to choose from, and not having much of a sweet tooth I opted for category D. Savoury bakes.

After having a read through my mums recipe books, one of my favourite things. I’m not a baker but a massive foodie and love reading recipe books, so digged out Jamie and Delia to see what they had to offer. Everything seemed a little difficult for a firt bake attempt so turned to Google and BBC’s Good Food page.

I settled on this Cheese and Leek Muffins recipe, as quite selfishly, I though they sounded delicious. Yesterday was my trial run and my department at work offered feedback, before the big bake competition on Friday. It was easy to follow and quick to make, so if you don’t wish to spend all evening in the kitchen, this is the recipe for you.

Ruths Recipes: Cheese and Leek Muffins

Ruths Recipes:  Cheese and Leek MuffinsRuths Recipes:  Cheese and Leek Muffins

I followed the recipe, minus the oil as one, we don’t have vegetable oil in the house and 2, I kinda hoped they would be ok without it- and they were. When I make them again in the week I will be adding more cheese and they tasted very leeky, and the cheese didn’t really come through. They are perfect to eat with soup and spread with cream cheese to add a little moistness. However, all in all they were a good first bake and I’m looking forwarding to amended the recipe in future!

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