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Hey Soul Sister

One of my favourite looks that I think is perfect for the weekend is a pair of pumps with skinny jeans or tights and a dress. I was 15 when I got my first pair of pink tartan high top Converse trainers and nearly 10 years later they are still going. Albeit the sole is splitting and the high top is folding over, but I loved them. Recently it seems Converse have made a comeback with every tom dick and harry sporting a pair as well as Keds, Toms and Vans being worn in a town/city centre near you.

That said, I’m after a new pair of pumps but minus the major price tag. I know this probably makes me sound like the elderly lady down the road, but when I bought my first pair of Canvas back in the Summer of ’03, they were a lot cheaper than the current 40 quid price tag I see on the high street at the moment.

However that minor grumble aside, enter Treds. I don’t really want the same pair of pumps I see walking past me in the street and Treds has a great choice of brands to choose from. With Vans, Converse, Keds and Lacoste to choose from, my wish list has just sky-rocketed!

CT AS OX Nectarine ConverseNewton CI SPW Dk Blu-Off Wht Lacoste

Authentic PurpleIris-TrueWht VansAuthentic Slim Van Doren Red-Hawaiian Vans

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