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This weekend was one of those rare ones were you have no plans so you can just do whatever you want and so on Saturday I took myself into town to have a mooch. I seem to do the majority of my shopping online these days that I havent had a proper look around the shops in a while. I was in the mood to shop but not overly shop loads, which takes me to the point of this post. I visited the usuals on my hitlist- Topshop, River Island, H+M and the holy grail of cheapess, Primark. But two things struck me on my way round. One- I found myself in  shock at the cost of certain things and two- there were things that I liked but couldn’t justify buying. What have I become?!

Let me explain. I’m still a fan of Primark but the quality just puts me off. They have a selection of dresses for a fiver. 12 months ago I would have snapped them up, but the quality was just dreadful and I thought why spend a fiver on a dress I don’t need when I can put that towards a dress/coat/jumper (delete as applicable) I’ve had my eye on. And then  we had the other end of the spectrum- the downright over-priced clothes you see on the high street. I pretty much fell in love with a dress I spied in Toppers but couldn’t justify the £40 price tag.

So, with that all said I think I’m turning into my mother. No wait, let me explain. She always harps on about ‘fast fashion’ and how it can be so much cheaper to grab a bargain in the Supermarket, and I think I’m starting to agree.

George @ Asda has some great pieces, the G21 range is so on-trend and so so cheap, but not cheap quality. And I keep seeing F+F from Tesco crop up in my weekly mags. Gok Wan has his range at Sainsburys and I read recently that Morrisons is set to launch its first clothing range later this year. With fashion trends never dying and the competition hotting up, I’m learning I don’t need to break the bank to buy good quality fashion. And let’s face it, its soo much easier to chuck a new dress in the trolley whilst doing the weekly big shop!

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