Rihanna for River Island: What Women Want?

Well, it has been a while since I last posted. The truth is, I kept meaning to but then life got in the way and I forgot or just didnt have anything blog-worthy to write about. Alas, I am back and determind to rediscover my blogging space and get back into a routine of regularly writing. With it being Mother’s Day, the usual routine of card and chocolate orange-giving has taken place and now its lazy Sunday time, until I take the ma out for a meal this evening.

I thought I would focus this post around the new Rihanna for River Island collection and offer my thoughts. First and foremost, I’m a Rihanna fan, a huge fan. Yes, over the past year or so she has made some crazy choices with her image, styling and one boyfriend in particular, but I continue to like her. I believe she does have her head screwed on, but is enjoying having the whole world at her fingertips at the tender age of 24. I mean if Beiber is supposedly cracking up now, I think RiRi has done quite well so far!

However, I digress. The River Island collection. River Island have had an overhaul in recent years. Moving away from chavvy inspired dresses and stonewash denims and embracing gorgeous fitted dresses and tops suitable for all, not just the usual size 10’s. RI have overtaaken Topshop in my eyes with their ability to appeal to a wider audience, but then came the Rihanna collaboration.

There was always the question of- did she just put her name to it and take a profit, or did she get involved with the buying and designing aspects? Well video content over on RI suggests she did indeed get her hands dirty (well not literally..) and had control over the pieces included in the collection.

After a massive lead-up with a show at LFW and a countdown on the RI homepage the collection landed on 5th March.  And don’t we just know it?! Neon yellow, monochome stripes, crop tops, killer heels and quite frankly an odd tie-front denim skirt. The range is sa step away from the wider River Island collection and defo not for me. However with certain pieces already sold out it seems RiRi’s clothing has fans. Let’s just wait and see what drops in the next phase!

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