Katie Price V Kelly Brook

So, on Friday Katie Price hit the headlines again, via her collumn in The Sun, but for all the wrong reas0ns. Price made a sweeping statement calling Kelly Brook, ‘a heifer, but still a hot one’. Katie’s career has taken a nosedive in recent years since her split from Andre is 2009 and her recent nuptials to new hubby, she uses her weekly collumn in The Sun to express her contriversial opinions and state ‘the truth’ about the media coverage that surrounds her.

 However, her recent comments just seem idiotic. Kelly Brook is gorgeous with a stunning figure and she often tops the ‘hot bod’ poles in womens weeklies, so Price’s opinions have really struck a chord. Katie’s fanbase is made up of young impressionable girls who take inspiration from the beach bods we see and read in the magazines and if you believe the diet habits and astonishing weight loss stories, its enough to drive you directly to the treadmill.

Yes, ok, Katie made her career on page 3 and has spent thousands on cosmetic surgery to strive for the perfect body and she tweets about personal training sessions and juicing diets, but many of us don’t have such luxuries. Throw away comments about Kelly’s figure which is very, very normal, can cause upset with young teens and send the wrong message.

The second pillar of this ‘news story’ is, well what about The Sun? They knew the contriversay it would cause and therefore having people talk about the story- hello free publicity. To add insult to injury, the paper went on to hold a poll on their website encouraging readers to poll over whos hotter- Katie or Kelly. Unsurprisingly- Kelly came out on top with 95% of the vote.

I sure know which figure I’d prefer- natural curves all the way.

‘In our poll of nearly 20,000 Sun readers, an overwhelming 18,468 said Kelly  was  hotter while 878 votes went to mum-of-three Katie.’

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