Emma Stone covers W Magazine


Emma Stone. She’s Hollywood’s latest starlet and she is a girls’ girl. Funny, self-depriciating, dare I say, normal, we have grown to love her over the past few years as she’s climbed the career ladder and become a serious contender in the midst of many Hollywood actresses.

Making us laugh in Superbad, making us want to be her in Crazy Stupid Love and making us cry in The Help, the girl knows how to covert the audience into firm Stone fans. From that infamous line that made all Gosling fans swoon (yes, I said swoon) about his rock-hard, hot as hell, albeit ‘photoshopped’ abs, being the real life girlfriend of Spideyman Andrew Stone and presenting an award at the recent Golden Globes, both guys and girls love Emma Stone.

Sex Symbol?

From her ever-changing hair colour and notoriously deep voice, Stone has sexed up her image and has graced the cover of the February 2013 issue of W Magazine and striped down to a strapless black bra to make the point well made. Talking about her latest film, Gangster Squad, which sees her reunite on screen with Ryan Gosling, I predict Emma is one to watch in 2013.

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