If you like it put a ring on it….

In the past couple of years my love of jewellery has really blossomed. I wear my trusty charm necklace everyday as I feel it makes me ‘me’. It doen’t hold much monetary value, but dear sentimental value instead.  I was given it on my 21st birthday by my bestie with a simple silver and gold heart and over the past 4 years I have added to it. A greek eye to ward off evil and offer protection, a Tinkerbell charm from my holiday to Florida with my 3 besties that same year and a graduation hat from my mum when that day came.

But, other than that very necklace, my second love are rings. I have built up quite a collection of cocktail rings and a gorgeous jade stone vintage ring I got for Christmas and with January being a slow month, ya’know fashion wise, I have found myself looking at and lusting after jewellery instead…

Green Gemstone Silver Stack Ring
I love this gorgeous green stacked ring from Charlotte’s Web. Green is my colour and the stacked finish and differently sized jewels make it so easy to wear! Defo might be saving to up to make a sneaky purchase!

Like I said about my necklace, your jewellery is so personal to you and should channel your personality and this ring is suited to me for sure. Oh hello…

Gold Organic Oval Ruby Ring

The quirky shape, gold band and ruby and pink stones make this ring just perfect! I discovered this on Not On The High Street making it something a little different. I love that you can find stuff that not everybody has and is different to those trends you find on the High Street- hence the name I suppose!

Floral Ring

And last but not least I just love the simplicity yet detail to this ring. The floral pattern and oval shape remind me of a ring I already own, but is a firm favourite because the silver is oh so versatile! So, there we have it, my furore into the world of jewellery. I might do necklaces soon…..

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