Let’s think slim

Like most women I worry about my weight. Some days alot, others it doesn’t even cross my mind but when I’m squeezing myself into a new dress I am definately praying to mu inner slim girl that we get in it and look great.

Back in July I decided enough was enough and joined a gym, Something I dreaded doing but over the past 6 months I have really enjoyed it. My gym is just down my road and there is a ladies-only room which makes it so much easier to go. I tried classes but clocked on very quickly that it wasn’t for me so the treadmill and exercise bike quickly became my friend. Doing 20 minutes on each I really enjoy it and look forward to my trip to the gym.

With Christmas now only an advent calendar count-down away and party season underway, I am going through a determind streak so thought I would put this in writing to spur me on!

Oh and having Ryan Gosling waiting would defo make me smash any marathon!

Weight Loss Inspiration  Ryan Gosling

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