My Jeans Journey

Jeans are a fantastic staple in my wardrobe but I don’t know about you but I find it such a nightmare to track down the perfect pair. Finding the right fit, shape and colour is such a hard task as the high street is constantly changing and evolving to incorperate the latest trends and styles so the classic denim jean is never just that. Now, I am a typical pair shape (read small waist big hips, stomach region) and the low-rise styles just don’t flatter. I like a higher waist, a comfortable fit and a darker denim whilst a skinny-leg fit to offer shape.

In my recent quest I managed to find the holy grail of the denim world. One minute I was browsing New Look without a care in the world eyeing up a gorgeous hue berry blouse then there they were. A skinny-fit, high waisted washed denim effect jean with a slight stretch just casually chilling between the boot-cut and boyfriend styles. With a 12 and 14 firmly tucked under my arm I headed to the changing room. Optimistic but slightly anxious. Myself and a great pair of denims have been in this position before but I still have the painful memories of doing the jump around dance trying to hoist (yes hoist) them over my larger than life thighs whilst getting a hot sweat on in a small changing room before admiting defeat.

Anyway, back to the present day. With a 12 and a 14 firmly under arm I went in search of the fitting room and went in whole-heartedly. One leg in, second leg in, pull up, zipper goes up well, still goes room to luuuunge and the top button is closed. I am in a size 12, they feel great and hey, don’t even look half bad. I am happy, elated even.

Me and my jeans are seem regularly together. Looking fantastic with boots, converse and even ballet pumps we are very happy. That is my jeans journey. What’s yours?

Ruth x

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