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Weekend Blues

So, this weekend has been rubbish! After feelimg the beginning of a cold setting in on Friday I woke up yesterday to find it had set in and continued on today. A lazy Sunday isn’t all bad though. I have recently got hooked on Dexter so today was the day I started season 2. I’m only 3 episodes in so far but it’s great. It’s true what people say as the twists do really reel you in. After a couple of days I wanted something easy to watch and chose Sex and the City 2.  Well, I hadn’t watched it since it came out at the pictures and this afternoon I remembered why! However it was nice to spend the afternoon with Carrie and co.

During X Factor yesterday was the new Matalan Christmas ad. It was so exciting to see it on the telly after the buzz surrounding it in work. Le t me know what you think!!

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