I dont know what you guys think, but I feel there has been a shift in society of late. Bloggers are at the fore-front of the social world and growing. This year has been a big one for the UK with her Maj’s jubilee and the Olympics being held in our capital, 2012 has been exciting and I have loved observing how bloggers are being utelised to theuir fullest potentials. With McDonalds refermcing bloggers within thir Olympic-themed ad this summer and the amazing Google Chrome ad featuring The Cambridge Satchel Company, the owner, a lady named Julie as we learn in the ad, noticed the potential using bloggers had. And, we have only seen this grow with phone companies using bloggers to report from this sunmmer’s music festivals and culimating in an entire t4 show focusing on bloggers. However, the cynic in me, refuses to believe they were ‘real’ bloggers if you will.

As a self-confessed social media geek I love reading articles on how bloggers are shaping the fashion world. Just this weekend, my Twitter feed was full of celebs and bloggers alike attending Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and it amazes me how well normal girls are doing in competing in the fierce world. Yes, bloggers may not be taking up space on FROW this week as we have fashion week well and truly underway, but the presence is well and trulyt felt on bloggers and social sites documenting the shows, often alot faster than fashion mags.

I found an article on Friday on The Guardian that highlighted my point entirely, with 5 top fashion bloggers who were asked to pick the next to high street trends as we head towards A/W. With bloggers beeing sent samples to showcaasse, wear to death and rave about, attend press shows and pic trends, who needs the middle man, when bloggers are setting the trend before our eyes.