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So a couple of weeks ago I was approached by Prairie Charms to see if I would like to take part in their blogger project. I was intrigued by this on two counts- one because I love intricate, delicate bracelets. I’m not a blingy-kinda gal, I love wooden colourful bracelets I can wear everyday. And two I find it really interesting seeing how companies, from the high st down to e-commerce sites, work with bloggers and embrace a new outlet to showcase their products to the fullest potential. So, after checking out the site and falling in love with two bracelets I tweeted Prairie Charms (see, social is blates the way forward!) with the two I wished to order 🙂

The customer service from the company was great. The thing I love about companies using Twitter to interact is, many of us have the app on our phones so it is an everyday essential and one of the easiest ways to get in touch by cutting out the middle-man service- email and the waiting game!

Order was placed on the Monday and arrived on the Thursday using 2nd class post and good old Royal Mail- no delivery companies involved! The two I chose I really do love them both. Gorgeous presentation and delicate wrapping paper makes the difference and having the feel of a personalised touch on an ordered item is hard to achieve, so well done!

I haven’t worn the multi-coloured bracelet yet as it feels so holiday-ish and I’ve been and come back so I’m waiting for the right event but I wore the green one to a wedding on Friday night and it complimented my dress and existing everyday bracelets so nicely so thanks Prairie Charms for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

Lovely presentation

Lovely presentation

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