So, the world has been taken over by Olympics fever. For someone who isn’t too crazy on sports I have to say I do feel proud to be witnessing this take place in our county and so Team GB are doing brilliantly. Watching us take gold for rowing today was oddly emotional and it is great to have witnessed seeing the torch passing through Manchester city centre last month and the games take place in London in my lifetime.

I was also oddly surprised to receive an email from a social media company, Spreading Jam, asking if I would like to be sent a Samsung Hope Relay t-shirt to support and wear throughout the Olympics. The idea behind the tee is an app from Samsung to measure how far you have run, hopped skipped or walked during the next couple of weeks.

Well I have been supporting mine to the gym, which has defo been spuring me on to pound the treadmill a little harder as Team GB are doing so well winning so many gold medal’s so far!