Legs Eleven Lydia


So, its a Wednesday there isn’t much on telly so I thought I would do my usual- browse the internet, see what I can treat myself to when payday arrive and have a goosey gander on the Daily Mail.

One thing that does excite me is the return of towie this Sunday. I have loved seeing all the pics appearing of the cast filming ready for the first episode of the new series and we finally get to see what’s goin down with Gemma and Arj.

So, anyway back to this eve, as soon as I hit the Mail and scrolled to the right (we all know the celeb stories are the best bit!) and I see this pics below- Lydia Legs 11. I can’t wait to see what the craic is with her and Tom Kilbey. Bet Debbie aint half telling her to put some trousers on!

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