Shes a perfect 10, but wears a 12….

So, I remember around January time 2011, I last blogged about diets and exercise. Like most girls I’m constantly on a diet, trying everything closer magazine tells me. But do I ever feel like I actually lose any or improve my body? No. The truth is, I’m lazy. There I’ve said it. I fad diet, cut pasta this week, no bread the next yet epically fail by eating pasta salad for lunch everyday. Yet, do I ever get off my ass and exercise? Well except the odd weekend when my inner Beyonce takes over, no. Well last Thursday I had an change of heart. I buy the weekly mags every tues and read about celeb diets and who’s lost and gained weight over the past 7 days and fawn over gorgeous dresses in the perfect size 10 yet and aspire to spend my next beach hol looking, quite frankly, amazeballs in a bikini yet I never motivate myself. So back to last thurs, I decided to join the gym. Enough eating salad all week and then ruining it by having cheesy chips on the weekend on the way home after many, many vodka lemo’s. It was time for me and the treadmill to be formally introduced. So far we are 3 days in and I’ve been over the weekend and tonight I attended my first ever class- body pump. Was I scared? Yes. Was it hard? I think part of me died. Why am I blogging about this? To prove to myself if I can write it down somewhere so publicly (twitter feed doesn’t count!) then I will stick to it and learn to enjoy it. And prove to myself I will be looking sexy and skinny on the beach next summer!

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