The Dress.

Now, we all know how it is. As a girl you can picture in your head that ‘perfect dress’. And then off you go, shopping, looking every store on the high street and it doesn’t exist. BECAUSE its in our heads! My current want, not need, always want, is a stunning fitted floral print knee length sundress. This dress is particular does exist. Well, did. It was in Marks and Spencer either last summer or the summer before and featured in all the mags. Did I consider buying it? Yes. Did I ACTUALLY buy it? No. And now, that is the dress I want to wear this weekend. 

God, I have actually just google-imaged it. Guess what? There it is, with Amy Childs wearing it last summer and this little sneak peak of it.  And now, I’m searching online for a replica. Why can’t shopping just be made easy?!


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