‘Diamond to Stone’

Having a casual mid-week day off and in a bid to stop me shopping (of the clothing variety) I have decided to update my ipod. When it comes to shuffling my day to day soundtrack I get bored, easily. When I get a new album I listen in full and then zone in on certain tracks until they get played to death. Currently I have Rebecca Ferguson, Lana Del Ray, Florence and The Machine and The Black Keys on repeat.


I do think I have a small obsession growing for Rebecca Ferguson. I just love her voice and she just seems so normal. Granted I’m gonna ignore the whole ‘Zayn from One Direction’ thing and focus on her clothes. Her oh so pretty clothes. In the Too Good To Lose vid, she just looks amazing. I do think its cos shes a northern girlie. I don’t know what it is but girls in the north-west just seem to have it- whatever it is.


Whether your in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, or on a good day my very own, Wigan, just nippin’ to the shops seems to be an event. Granted, thanks to Desperate Scousewives the whole ‘rollers in hair’ is what the north-west is known for, but the likes of Coleen Rooney and Abbey Clancy have been rockin’ that look for a long time before the z-list reality show hit e4!


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