Hot child in the city….

Half way through January and I have yet to write a post for coming year. So excited for what is to come in the next 11 and 1/2 months. Trying to think up my goals for the year and to be honest I think it will be whatever comes my way. Flights are booked to Sydney in May for a quick two week jaunt to the other side of the world, train tickets waiting patiently to go to Fleet to see my uni bff next month and Laura Marling, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay and Blink 182 (finally!) are all in the diary. Its after July passes I dont have anything planned but sometimes thats the best way to be- just wait and see.

A wedding and a baby are the events that my friends are under-taking in 2012. Seeing as I feel I can no longer class myself under the ‘graduate’ category as over a year has passes, think its safe to say I am entering ‘proper grown up’ zone. Previously a no-go area I am quite enjoying it. Despite the whole still living at home situation I quite like it. So, on a personal and professional level I am starting the year off very happy and content, long may it continue!

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