End ot term report

Its that time of year again when you’ve done the big day- the fat mans been, you’ve eaten way too much in such a short space of time and you’ve had your yearly dosage of relatives to see you straight though to next winter. NYE is heading towards us and I normally get a wee bit reflective around this time-I blame the contstant supply of alcohol personally!

Around 6 months ago I made a statement in work that has been mocked I don’t know how many times, by people who wernt even present at the time but I truly mean it and stand by it wholeheartedly- this has been my best year ever. For real.

Been given a permenant position in a job that I don’t hate, hell I actually quite enjoy it but let’s keep that on the down-low. My best friend got married and is now pregnant with a little girl to join our girly gang. A trip to Berlin for the hen do which was amazing, and Glastonbury and Download were both massive contenders in 2011 too.

Waving goodbye to two of my faves to go travelling was sad but so proud of them for finally, after years of planning, going! Knowing we will be reunited in less that 6 months in Sydney, Australia with the missing fourth link is just something to add to the ever-expanding list for 2012.

Every positive for 2011 continues into the coming year and I just can’t wait to see what else is in store! With that all said ill keep my head down, keep the pennies rolling in at work and get excited for new years spent with my besties and 2012 to rock up!

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