Well as the year draws to an end, thought I should do a round of the events that have shaped 2010 for me.

Without a doubt my year is all thanks to my fabulously amazing friends and my mother and aunty and my main man- my g.dad, (or grandad to you).

My highlights fall down to the three G’s- Glastonbury, Graduation, and the Girlie holiday.

Reached my personal highs- just 2 months ago the thought of getting to attend graduation seemed like a pipe dream so to know I have it under my belt is a great feeling, and just hearing my mum and aunty cheer my name as I crossed the stage made it more than worth the wait! Plus getting to share the day with two of the girls who pretty much made my final year bareable was pretty great.

Since uni ended though I miss living with my friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want. No responsibilities and every night had the potential to turn into a piss up.

Glastonbury was such an immense week. Cannot wait to re-live that week next June. Its true what they say, Worthy Farm is such a magical place. Feels like the rest of the world doesn’t exist and just you, your mates and the 100,000 or so others who happen to surround you are there. Well until, the eve of the 25th when severly pissed up in the east dance field I found out I had to resit a module at uni, it was amazing. Thank god for the many luke-warm cans of cider I had stashed in my bag, which somewhat eased the pain slightly! Fingers crossed 2011 runs abit more smoothly!

Girls holiday. Well it seems that this year was our last. After three years of living for that one week that I can never remember, its time to grow up. With two of my besties heading off to travel the world in July 11 and the other working her way up through the police (the job, not men, just to clear any confusion!), we all seem to be growing up, doing something, worthwhile or not, as long as I’m earning I don’t give! .This must be what becoming an adult feels like.

So as we near 2011, I don’t have a clue what it holds. Over the past 2 days I’ve had various family members asking, what’s next, now what, what’s your plan? My answer, I don’t know. And I really quite like that. Will it ever make it in journalism, doubtful. Just today though I got a piece of advice off my favourite person in the whole wide world- my grandad. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I’m happy that’s all that counts. In this day and age I’m gonna be working for 60+ years, so I might as well do something I enjoy. Can’t say fairer than that.
So with that in mind, come back to me in 12 months time, don’t have a clue where ill be, but I reckon the journey is gonna be quite exciting.

Watch this space.

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