Difference a day makes.

Well as the year draws to an end, thought I should do a round of the events that have shaped 2010 for me. Without a doubt my year is all thanks to my fabulously amazing friends and my mother and aunty and my main man- my g.dad, (or grandad to you). My highlights fall down…

Lanvin love

Spotted in H+M in Manchester. Officially now a fan of love at first sight. And now, I am aspiring to own designer. I think this high street obsessive could be on the turn! Who knew it would only take a pair of heels, and that comes from a bag lady! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Little minx

Minx nails. Don’t the photographer at my graduation today fully appreciated, but I simply didn’t care. Think I’m in love. Oh dear, this could get out of hand. Well at least I will have gorge nails to look at everyday! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.