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So, of late my favourite beauty must if having painted nails. Whether that be nail art, glitter, transfers that I have recently discovered on Asos or minx which I shall be trying for the first time next week, ahead of my graduation.

But my latest love comes from the geniuses that are Barry M. I am such a fan of their nail effects in black, it is indeed on its way to being my latest obsession, and this is why.

Now, Nails Inc are also pretty much amazing when it comes to nail art, which I received earlier this year as part of a birthday present of my housemates. Its safe to say I was impressed, Just goes to show you don’t need to have false nails and a boring  french manicure anymore as real nails, in my opinion are much nicer and you can show your personality off abit more.

This is a pic from when I had them done at Nails Inc in the Trafford Centre. But, recently I decided to see if my local nail shop could reach the mark, and also at half the price, I was hoping so. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed.

Still looked ace and really pleased with how long they lasted when I went away on holiday. Now I’m hoping I will be as equally impressed with minx when I give them a go next week!

Just goes to show, nails are in, in a big way. You only have to check out Katy Perry with her talon-based dedication to hubby Russell Brand at an awards do and Fearne Cotton tweeting a pic of her own amazing nails last week, maybe its true what they say. The first sight of a persons hands often makes a big first impression, and if that’s the case I’m hoping mine leave a lasting memory from now on.

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