Zante- 17 days.

Dreaded PA Resit- 15 days.

Shitting a brick constantly for the next 2 weeks. Zante much needed. But today’s job- Decide on holiday clothes. Actual nightmare. Nothing I ever buy matches anything I currently own or have recently bought. Due to next season’s stuff being in the shops already I feel like a mad TK-Maxx obsessive attempting to find DECENT summer attire in the sales. Turns out not so easy. But fear not, Nails Inc will be on hand to sort out my nails for said events and hell I’m considering donning a different fancy dress costume every day whilst away as this will be much easier to find. Plus I then get to go shopping and buy that gorgeous faux-fur gillet ive had my eye on in River Island. Jobs a good un.

But until then, my current mantra is revise revise revise. At least its keeping me out of the shops. For now.