Hair today, gone tomorrow,

Most girls love going to the hairdresses but Im not most girls, I hate it. You spend in between appointments getting your tresses just how you want them, only to go to the salon and have them all chopped off. Now, I’ve had long hair since I can remember. I love it. But every now again I have an urge to be daring and go short. It seems the urge has arrived once again. This time Im even comntemplating a colour change.

When you read magazines, there’s always some psychologist who attempts to link a sudden change in appearance to your real life. So its got me thinking, why this sudden need for change? The only answer I can come up with though is very simple. I want to. And its more than overdue. So goodbye long hair. No doubt as soon as I see you on the floor I will want my length back, but for now I’m looking forward to re-creating this. I’m actually quite excited to be re-united with a bottle of peroxide and *fingers crossed* effortless hair in the mornings. Plus, extensions seem to be two-a-penny on every market across the North-West so if I really miss my hair, I can always go and buy someone else’s instead.

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