Move over Delia, there’s a new chef in town…

Well, three days into being left home alone with the little brother and housebound, it seems I have discovered a new way of keeping myself entertained. Cooking. Who knew I could actually enjoy being domesticated?

Thanks to the help of Jamie, Gordon and my old faithful, Nigella, I seem to have mastered how to make my all-time fave dishes. Who needs to eat out when I have the back catalogue of the indian up the road, stored in my kitchen! Plus if the torrential rain that seems to have descended on the North-West over the past few days doesn’t shift the only way I’ll be making my way to my fave restaurants will be in a dinghy.

Let's catch up


  1. Trouble says:

    Yes! LOVE it.
    Gino D’acampo is my current favourite.x

    1. Ahh I have to admit I am partial to a bit of Gino on This Morning!

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